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"We teach Martial Arts
for the purpose of Self-protection."

All Skill Levels Welcome

Ages 14 & Up
*minors must be accompanied by Legal Guardians

Located in Prince George’s County, Oxon Hill, Maryland

Most people join a Martial Art school to learn self-protection skills only to find themselves learning sport specific skills or practicing techniques in a manner that won’t carry over to their everyday lives. However, we at The Warrior Forge Martial Arts Academy provide top-notch semi-private group classes focused on using effective training methodologies to develop the skills that matter when you need them most.

Develop strategies for Self-protection

•Train for various environments & scenarios

•Learn about Various Warrior Cultures

•Become the more Athletic & Healthier version of Yourself

Develop Confidence

Learn skills, strategies, and mindsets to carry yourself through a number of scenarios

Develop Strength

Push yourself with physical and technical training and use a variety of drills to challenge yourself

Gain Focus

Have an opportunity to leave everything at the door to work on a goal at hand

Our Philosophy

At The Warrior Forge our goal is to provide a place to explore and study Traditional & Modern Combat as well as Survival skills of various Warrior Cultures. While gaining a deeper understanding of the skills’ historical applications, we focus on using effective training methodologies to allow the skills to carry over into modern self-protection and general life. 

Semi-Private Group Classes

Our class sizes are small so that we can meaningfully focus on you and help you along your martial arts journey.

Armed & Unarmed Training

We cover many combinations of unarmed vs unarmed, armed vs unarmed, and armed vs armed. Armed training is essential so that you can learn how to defend against someone using a weapon against you.

Effective Training Methodologies

We focus on staying up-to-date using proven training methodologies and constantly improving ourselves as instructors and an academy, so that we may continue to provide you the top-notch training that you deserve.

Survival Skills

Self-defense comes in many forms, but all too often the basic skills for tactically retreating and survival skills are neglected when they could also help you protect loved ones and yourself in likely scenarios. So we incorporate special classes/workshops to teach you these helpful skills.

Train with a group of people that care about making you more capable.

Train with a group of people that care about making you more capable.

Learning a technique is not an end in itself, it merely indicates where you need to start. -Masaaki Hatsumi