What We Study

We study several arts to produce well-rounded individuals able to adapt to what life throws at them.

Our Main Focus

self-defense image of ground fighting


Self-Defense is our main focus! However, Self-Defense is a lot more than just accumulating physical techniques to use. We focus on developing the proper mindset, tactics, and lifestyles to set ourselves up for success! We develop this through discussions and drills on a regular basis. We then develop the physical skills by utilizing our Combat Arts to support our Self-Defense goals and mindset.

Japanese Jujutsu

Japanese Jujutsu is our backbone and what we study the most. In Japanese Jujutsu, we study striking, grappling, and ground fighting while also implementing a variety of traditional and modern weapons into our daily training. We also study historical and modern sources that dive into the combat tactics that are useful in everyday life.

Our Supplementary Arts

While Japanese Jujutsu is our backbone and the majority of what our school spends our time on to best prepare students for Self-defense, we also on occasion include studies of the following to broaden our horizons to help us grow and be adaptable.

our instructor using parkour skills to vault over a box


Parkour is the practice of overcoming a variety of obstacles in your environment utilizing a collection of techniques such as vaults, balancing, climbing, jumps, and more. Many Martial Art schools that focus on Self-defense claim that you can run in a dangerous situation. However, it is extremely rare for a Martial Arts school to actually teach the art of tactical retreats using efficient techniques to create distance between you and a threat. Combining tactical retreat strategies from Japanese Jujutsu warfare schools and text sources along with the skills of Parkour make a great combination for addressing escape in Self-defense situations.

Survival Skills

Self-defense is a broad term that encompasses your ability to adapt and increase your chances of persevering in difficult situations. This includes learning supplementary skills that could help you both in urban environments and the wilderness. We will on occasion discuss and practice historical and modern skills that can be used to help you persevere.

Setting up an emergency tarp configuration during our Wilderness Survival Training
Working on emergency weather tarp configurations

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“Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb