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Our Mission

At The Warrior Forge our goal is to provide a place for exploring and studying Traditional & Modern Combat and Survival skills of Warrior Cultures by utilizing effective training methodologies to allow the skills to carry over into modern self-defense and general life.

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our instructor performing a sensitivity drill that involves dodging a sword cut from behind
Instructor George partaking in a sensitivity test at a Seminar

The INstructor

George has had a passion for martial arts ever since he was young but started his official training with the United States Ninpo Academy in 2009. With his instructor Shihan Robert Stevens, he was able to learn about skills & techniques from various Japanese Family martial arts systems that were developed by the necessity of skills needed for war and survival in harsh times. His instructor was also a former Marine and spent time in class focusing on the necessity of survival skills both modern and traditional. George has spent time focusing on how to translate traditional skills into modern applications and is steadily working to improve himself as a teacher and a martial artist.

what we Study

Our focus is first and foremost Self-Defense. We train for Self-Defense by training in situational awareness & tactics, and by using the skills of Japanese Jujutsu, other traditional warrior martial arts*, and some combat sport arts while applying them to the context and parameters that arise in self-defense scenarios. We also study the traditional applications alongside the modern applications to have a deeper understanding of the techniques. 

We also find it important to train in skills that support our combative methods such as the ability to safely escape scenarios, Parkour, and to have survival skills in the wilderness & urban environments. 

*Some of the other traditional arts we occasionally study: Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), Muay Boran (The forefather of Muay Thai), and some others when overlapping topics arise.

Japanese Jujutsu



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“Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb

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