Everyday Carry Items

Begin to Build Your EDC Here!
Everyday Carry (EDC) are tools that can enhance your everyday life and can come in handy in a variety of scenarios.
The items listed are Amazon Affiliate links where I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you,  for items purchased. However, each item listed here is something that I would recommend to my friends & family.
I focus on Quality and Effectiveness of products, I would gladly pay extra/premium for my family’s protection.


Pocket Flashlight

The Olight Warrior 3S has been one of my best investments for a truly good light. The magnetic charging has made it easy to recharge on my nightstand for daily usage, and the light options for a quick burst to temporarily blind a would be attacker are phenomenal. I use this light on a daily basis.

Knives & Tools

Pocket Knife

The Kershaw line of knives has always been an awesome brand. Here I present a pair of high quality medium cost knives, that I must recommend as a set. The Kershaw Emerson CQC-5k Pocket Knife & the Kershaw Emerson E-Train Pocket Knife are a great pair to own. With the Emerson wave feature you can easily open your knife for Every Day usages as you pull it out of your pocket. If you are training to be able to ultilize a knife in stressful scenarios I can’t recommend one without having a training equivalent that will let you practice without the risk of you harming yourself or others.

Self-Protection Specific

Pepper Spray

For a type of Self-defense spray I strongly suggest the Sabre Crossfire Pepper Gel. The advantages of using a Pepper Gel over the common Spray is that it can reach up to 18 ft instead of 10 ft, it also has a reduced chance of blowback due to it being a gel instead of a mist style of spray. It is a better choice for indoors so you decrease the likelihood of you inhaling it along with a potential assailant. 

Tactical Pen

A Tactical Pen is useful to carry and by design can be carried in many scenarios where other self-protection tools would not be permitted. From my experience, the Atomic Bear Stealth Pen Pro is hands down the best Tactical Pen on the market. It fulfills its purpose as a nice pen to write with, contains a concealed glass breaker for getting out of a vehicle in an emergency scenario, and has one of the best grips on the market to actually be used as a self-defense force multiplier.

Personal Sound Alarm

An effective deterrent is to create loud sounds to draw attention to yourself and a would-be-attacker so that they know that they’re being watched. If you feel that you’re in danger you merely need to remove the pin of the KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm to create 145 Decibels of sound to draw attention to yourself and to scare attackers away.

First Aid

First Aid Kit: Car and Personal

We are all bound to get hurt while out and about, it’s the price of living. It pays to make sure that you at least have a basic first aid kit to help with minor injuries. I generally carry the General Medi 2-in-1 First aid kit, that has a larger bag that I store in my car and a smaller bag that I carry in my backpack. With these main items I then add a few additional premiu add-ons to make sure that my task/sport specific injuries are covered while I’m in the field.

Tourniquet (Stop the Bleeding)

Unfortunately we find ourselves in a time where there has been an increase in firearm related injuries. Some of the injuries that have caused deaths could have been treated with a tourniquet to help limit the amount of blood lost and potentially saved a loved one’s life. I think it is useful to have a North American Rescue CAT Tourniquet Gen 7 nearby in the rare chance that you or a loved one experiences an injury on a limb that causes massive blood loss.