Furnish Your
Home Gym/Dojo

Develop the attributes necessary to be a great martial artist!
You need 2/3 of Athleticism, Agression, and Skills to come out on top in a violent assault/fight. Why not take advantage and develop you Athleticism which will help you in all aspects of your life and help with responding to a violent assault/fight. Down below you’ll see some of the fitness equipment that I would recommend to start your physical fitness training or to level it up.

Strength Training


Barwing Adjustable Bench w/Dragon Flag handles & Leg Bar

Strength training is one of the necessary attributes to develop that will help in your overall life and aging process, and free weight training is often the most affordable means to train at home. Using a bench will help isolate muscles through various exercises and help keep the risk of injury lower. Here's a good entry/intermediate bench that you can do a variety of exercises on that is also collapsible so that you can store it when you're not actively using it.

Optional Choices